Welcome to the m@hobbit Blood Bowl League. On these pages you can find all kinds of information about this league. Most of the matches are played in Leusden, a town in the center of The Netherlands. That's also the location of the m@hobbit headquarters. If you live in the vicinity of Leusden and want to join, just send an e-mail (bloodbowl@madhobbit.net).

Blood Bowl?!
You've never heard of Blood Bowl before? Not that strange, but it is a pity you missed out on a great game. In Blood Bowl two teams of players try to score as much touchdowns as possible. The team with the most touchdowns wins. So far, nothing special, but.... Scoring touchdowns is fun, but beating down you're opponent can be at least as much fun. This is where the difference between the teams is in. Some teams are more capable of scoring touchdowns, some teams are better in squishing their opponents.

Have a look around and when you have any questions, just click the hobbit on the left and send me an e-mail (bloodbowl@madhobbit.net).